Three Reasons Equestrians Should See a Chiropractor Regularly


Equestrians often learn to ride through pain and soreness. Complain that your back is stiff, and your trainers will likely roll their eyes and tell you to get back out there. Riding through pain is just part of the sport—but that doesn't mean you shouldn't do anything to address the pain after you dismount. If your back has been stiff or sore during your recent rides, here are three reasons why scheduling regular chiropractic adjustments is advised.

A loose, properly adjusted back will help you achieve a better connection with your horse.

Especially if you ride dressage or reining, subtle seat cues are the key to a proper ride.  If your back is stiff, you won't be properly moving with your horse's motion, and your seat cues (and leg and rein cues, for that matter) may not be as precise as they could be. Have your back adjusted, and your back will loosen up, allowing you to ride with better posture and give proper cues. This will result not only in a smoother, more beautiful ride, but also in a better connection with your horse overall.

If you fall, your risk of injury will be reduced.

Have you ever wondered why some riders seem able to take a nasty fall and climb right back into the saddle, while others end up in the emergency room every time their horse refuses a fence? While there are likely many factors at play here, one factor that you cannot overlook is the fact that the more limber you are, the more likely you are to land softly from a fall. When you're stiff and your muscles are tense, you're likely to get injured, but when you're loose, your body will "go with the flow" and you'll land more softly instead of bracing yourself. Chiropractic adjustments help you stay loose and supple throughout your body so you can become one of those riders that take the falls in stride.

You'll be less sore after riding.

When your back is properly adjusted and you're carrying yourself properly, you're likely to be less sore after each ride. You won't be putting excess strain on certain muscles because you're compensating for a stiff or misaligned back. Even if your soreness tends to be located not in your back, but in your legs, arms, or abdominals, regular chiropractic adjustments are likely to help, since these areas tend to take strain when the back is not properly aligned. With less soreness, you can ride more often and for longer periods of time, improving your skills.

Find a chiropractor near you, such as one from Battlefield Chiropractic & Physiotherapy, for further information on how regular adjustments can help you.


2 September 2015

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