Three Self-Massage Techniques To Reduce Stress During Air Travel


Despite the fact that airline travel is exceedingly safe, many people suffer from a strong fear about the process. About 6.5 percent of Americans, or more than 20 million people, experience a degree of anxiety about flying; if you're among this group, air travel might be anything but fun. The good news is that massage can help. While it's ideal to visit your local massage therapist in the days leading up to your flight to promote relaxation, you can also consider employing a few simple self-massage techniques on yourself. Whether you're sitting on the flight or waiting in the airport, here are three self-massage techniques that can reduce your anxiety.

Face Massage

Many people experience headaches as a result of stress, so your head might be pounding on the day of your flight. Applying pressure or gently massaging a number of spots around your face can make you feel better. Sit comfortably and use your fingers to lightly identify spots of tension around your face. These can include the muscular area at the rear point of your jaw, around your temples and even between the top of your nose and your eyebrows. The key with self-massage is to simply apply firm pressure and gently knead these areas – your touch shouldn't cause pain. Gently touch these areas and you might begin to experience your stress melting away.

Head Massage

A massage anywhere on your head can feel pleasing and promote relaxation, but it's unlikely that you'll want to significantly mess up your hair when you're traveling. As such, focus on the area at the base of your skull where it meets your neck. Many people hold tension in this region, and if you're stressed about flying, it might be sore to the touch. Reach back with one or both hands and gently feel around for tightness. When you've identified your sore spots, rubbing them lightly can melt away your tension.

Hand Massage

A hand massage is easy to perform on yourself while killing time at the airport or while on the flight itself. Hold one hand with the palm facing upward and focus on the spot between the base of the index finger and the muscle at the base of the thumb. Applying pressure to this area can feel highly relaxing and help you forget about the stress you're experiencing. Feel free to move around the hands – even gently massaging each section of your fingers can feel good. Remember to switch hands at the end.

If your flight still stresses you out, see about getting massage therapy by Temple Crossing Chiropractic & Massage or a similar company when you land.


5 April 2016

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