Arrange A Chiropractic Visit For A Loved One In The Hospital


When you have a loved one in the hospital, you might be doing a number of things to keep him or her comfortable. While you shouldn't discount the efforts you're making, it's also worthwhile to consider what other types of care you can arrange. In many cases, having a health practitioner such as a chiropractic physician visit a loved one in the hospital can be beneficial for a number of reasons. You'll want to speak to your family member's doctor to obtain the approval to have a chiropractor make a visit. If this permission is granted, you can move forward with contacting your chiropractor and setting up an appointment. Here are some benefits of doing so.

Relief From Back Pain

Many people who are stuck in the hospital for long stretches experience back pain, especially if they're confined to their bed for the bulk of the day. Regardless of the health issue that your loved one is facing, a sore back can make things more unpleasant. A chiropractor, however, can help this problem through an assessment and adjustment. He or she can figure out the problem area of your loved one's back and then adjust the spine accordingly to provide relief. This may not only provide a drop in pain, but also help your loved one sleep better at night.

Stress Relief

There's little question that being in the hospital is stressful for the patient. Even when he or she is receiving top-notch care, the ongoing health condition can provide plenty of stress, especially if it's a serious condition. This stress can be compounded when the patient's spine is out of alignment, as it can apply excess pressure on the nervous system. By having the spine adjusted by the chiropractor, this pressure can be relieved. This, in turn, can help your loved one experience a reduction in his or her stress levels.

Help With Constipation

Constipation is a concern for many hospital patients. Stress and a lack of exercise can contribute to constipation, while many commonly administered drugs at the hospital also list constipation as a side effect. The chiropractor can help this problem by adjusting the lower back. In doing so, the chiropractic treatment can promote better activity in the digestive system, which should help your loved one move his or her bowels. When he or she is able to go to the bathroom more regularly, your loved one will often feel better, too.


24 April 2017

Relief from Tension Headaches

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a driven person. Even as a young kid, I always strived to make good grades. With my schoolwork, I was never satisfied unless I made a perfect score. As an adult, I still tend to be a perfectionist. For instance, I won’t leave my home until every hair is in place on my head. In my career, I work diligently to please my many clients. Unfortunately, my perfectionist nature often causes me to become tense. Whenever I’m stressed about something, the muscles in my neck and shoulders become extremely tight. Sometimes, this issue leads to tension headaches. Thankfully, I know where to go when I begin experiencing muscle tightness. I visit my trusted chiropractor. On this blog, you will discover the methods a chiropractor uses to relieve tension headaches.