Strange Things You May Discover While Receiving Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care, overall, is meant to help you get your body and spine in proper alignment. The side effects of doing so are less pain, more freedom of movement, easier mobility, and less fatigue. During the course of your first few treatments, however, your chiropractor may discover some unusual things about your skeletal structure. Here are a few of those oddities, and why you should or should not be concerned.

Broken Bones

Chiropractors do not just align and manipulate your spine. They also shift hips and shoulders back into position. It is during these manipulations that a chiropractor may discover broken bones you did not know you had. A slight fracture in your hip, for example, may only feel like pain in that hip or buttock, but after the adjustment to your spine and hip, you may be in extreme pain.

The result is not that the chiropractor did anything wrong. It is the fact that the chiropractor released pressure on the nerves that would have given you a clearer indication that something was very wrong with your hip. Many people who slip and fall on ice or wet concrete/store floors experience this bizarre phenomenon. Luckily for you, the chiropractor can take an x-ray right there to determine if you do have a fracture of the hip or shoulder. Then you can consult your family doctor to see what should be done about the broken bone(s).

Previous Spinal Issues That (Mostly) Healed

People born with very minor cases of spina bifida may not even know they had this condition, especially if the spine grows over this tiny spot as they get older. The problem arises when they experience pain in this area, and want to see a chiropractor. The chiropractor, through x-rays and an examination, will discover that you have had a pre-existing spinal condition that has since grown over or healed. Unfortunately, these spinal oddities and disorders that go unnoticed do not always heal as you would expect. As such, your chiropractor will need to be a little more careful with your spinal adjustments, especially in the areas that were previously affected by some small, slight disorder.

Excessive Nerve Endings

If you are overly sensitive to touch and temperature, you may find that chiropractic care is a challenge. It should not surprise you then, when your chiropractor determines that you have excessive nerve endings extending from the main nerves in your spine. Since it has been recently determined that people with such disorders as fibromyalgia have these extra nerve endings, you may then have a better understanding of your own condition. Chiropractors just take the pressure nice and slow for people with excessive nerve endings. Then there is little concern about feeling more pain.


3 May 2017

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