Things To Expect During An Electronic Muscle Stimulation Session With Your Chiropractor


When you visit the chiropractor to alleviate some of your pain, you may be expecting to receive adjustments for the bulk of the appointment. What you might not know, however, is that many chiropractors also rely on electronic muscle stimulation to help their patients. Sometimes, you'll receive this form of treatment to complement one or more adjustments; in other cases, the chiropractor may exclusively treat you with electronic muscle stimulation based on your given type of physical pain. Here are some things that you should expect when you get EMS for the first time.

You'll Feel Your Muscles Working

While either lying on your front or on your back, depending on the area that your chiropractor is targeting, several EMS pads will be stuck to your body. These pads have an adhesive quality, allowing them to remain in place for as long as it needed. When your chiropractor turns on the machine, it will send electronic pulses to the pads, which will cause your muscles to quickly contract. This can be a different feeling, as it may seem strange to feel your muscles working while you lie still. The sensation is pleasant, though, and not the least bit painful.

The Session May Start Off Slowly

During your first EMS session, your chiropractor will likely use the EMS machine on a low setting to allow you to get acquainted with how the electronic pulses feel. Over the course of the appointment, however, the chiropractor may increase the intensity and power or the pulses. Depending on the nature of your physical ailment, a higher setting on the machine may be necessary to help trigger an elevated flow of oxygenated blood to the area, which is necessary for the healing process to occur. Your chiropractor will constantly seek your feedback about how you're feeling, and you can let him or her know if the pulses seem too strong.

You Won't Feel Fatigued Afterward

Given the amount that your muscles will be contracting during your chiropractic appointment, it's understandable if you're thinking that you may be tired after the session. After all, when you work your muscles consistently through an activity such as jogging, you'll customarily be fatigued. The good news is that this type of therapy won't make you tired — in fact, you may even feel energized after your session. You'll also likely be in less physical pain, which may make you a keen user of EMS in the future.


4 September 2017

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