Why Spinal Adjustments Are Wise After An Auto Accident


Spinal injuries are quite common after an auto accident. Specifically, the spine is extremely delicate and fragile and the shock and jolt of an accident can easily knock the spinal vertebrae out of position. It is essential to have the spinal column x-rayed after an injury. If no serious fractures are noted, then a chiropractor who is an auto injury expert can assist you. There are several reasons why this is a good idea.

It Reduces Scar Tissue

When an injury occurs to the body, healing will occur. During the process, the body will eliminate the damaged tissue and cells and rapid cellular regeneration will take place. While the regeneration will occur with the same types of cells that make up the rest of the tissue in your body, the regeneration occurs much more quickly and acts as a patch over damaged ligaments, tendons, and muscles. The patch is called scar tissue and it is much more coarse than the surrounding tissues. 

If scar tissue builds in an area where precision and subtle movements are required for fluid movements, like the spinal column, you are likely to feel stiff. Flexibility and mobility are compromised. Stretching and flexing can help to reduce the scar tissue formation without directly affecting the body's ability to heal itself. This is where the chiropractor comes in. The individual can manipulate the spine in a way that scar tissue is broken up. The professional can do this with either their hands or special tools. One such tool is called an activator. The spring-loaded device can place direct pressure on different areas the body for manipulation, massage, or scar tissue breakup purposes.

It Keeps The Spinal Column In The Correct Position

You likely know that the reason why spinal adjustments are completed is to shift the spinal vertebrae back into their correct and healthy position. However, after an auto accident, the spinal vertebrae do not simply need to be shifted back into position for the sake of immediate pain relief. In this case, adjustments help to prevent future misalignment issues. 

During an auto accident, a great deal of tissue damage will often occur. The muscles, ligaments, and tendons tear and then swell. When they swell, they can force the vertebrae to shift. The pressure on the spine can continue until the vertebrae are used to the position. The spine may then resist adjustments and remain in an improper position. 

As inflammation will continue for weeks or months after an automobile injury, it only makes sense that the spine can slip out of place numerous times. Readjusting the position is ideal and you will typically notice the spine remaining in the correct position for longer and longer as you heal. 


24 September 2017

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