3 Ways to Reduce Back Pain Without Medication


Back pain is an ongoing struggle for many people. In some cases, medication may not be effective or you want to avoid medication altogether. Fortunately, there are several non-medication ways to reduce back pain or possibly eliminate the underlying problem.

Visit a Chiropractor

A chiropractor can be invaluable to help you address ongoing back pain. Most importantly, your chiropractor will want to run tests to determine the underlying cause for your pain. Some underlying problems could be made worse with chiropractic medicine, so your chiropractor will need to be confident they can successfully manage your condition. Many issues with back pain are related to misalignment in the spine. Having routine adjustments can help reduce any compression in the spine and achieve better alignment. In addition to regular adjustments, your chiropractor will likely recommend certain foods and an exercise program. Sometimes the foods you eat can contribute to increased inflammation and reducing or eliminating these foods may improve pain and increase healing. Daily exercises designed for your specific problem can help with range of motion and mobility issues caused by your back pain.

Integrate Regular Massage

Massage is another popular option to reduce back pain. Since there are different massage techniques, you may want to try various approaches to determine what is most helpful. If you are new to massage, you should start with a basic form of massage and not jump into deep-tissue or other more intense forms. Your massage therapist should have a good understanding of any medical issues you face, including your current issues with back pain. This can help them determine the best approach and how frequently you may need sessions.

Since massage can be uncomfortable or even painful if you have chronic pain, tell your therapist about any areas of your body that are more sensitive during your session. Massage can be important to help loosen tight muscles and connective tissue surrounding your back. Many people find the relaxing benefits of massage can also improve back pain. Once you feel comfortable with your treatments and believe they are helping, you can pursue more intense treatments to determine if they are also helpful.

Add Support

There are many ways you can add back support to your life, which may be just as effective at reducing pain as other treatments. Investing in a back support device for daytime use should be the first type of support you purchase. You may need to try different levels of support before you find an option that is helpful. Try options that are adjustable so you can tailor the level of support and compression you experience. Generally, the most helpful back support products are ones that limit the range of motion in your back. The goal is to limit your ability to perform movements that will aggravate your back and will improve your posture.

Better support is also important while you are lying down or asleep. One of the most significant investments you should consider is buying a new bed. An old bed or one that is too soft may be the underlying culprit of ongoing back pain. You should choose a foundation that is sturdy and has slats that are closely spaced so there is less chance of sagging in your mattress. The mattress should be firm or extra firm to provide the most support. If this level of firmness is uncomfortable, the problem can be easily offset with a mattress pad. Adding a pillow under your low-back or between your knees while you sleep can also help to keep your spine neutral.

Ongoing back pain can disrupt your daily activities or even ruin your sleep. Using different strategies to reduce pain can help you reduce or eliminate the need for medication. For more information, contact services such as Progressive Chiropractic.


15 January 2019

Relief from Tension Headaches

Ever since childhood, I’ve been a driven person. Even as a young kid, I always strived to make good grades. With my schoolwork, I was never satisfied unless I made a perfect score. As an adult, I still tend to be a perfectionist. For instance, I won’t leave my home until every hair is in place on my head. In my career, I work diligently to please my many clients. Unfortunately, my perfectionist nature often causes me to become tense. Whenever I’m stressed about something, the muscles in my neck and shoulders become extremely tight. Sometimes, this issue leads to tension headaches. Thankfully, I know where to go when I begin experiencing muscle tightness. I visit my trusted chiropractor. On this blog, you will discover the methods a chiropractor uses to relieve tension headaches.