3 Things To Know About Lower Back Pain


If you have ever experienced lower back pain at some point in your life, you are not alone. According to the most recent statistics, approximately 80% of adults in the United States have suffered with lower back pain. Pain in the lower back that only lasts up to a few weeks is considered acute and usually resolves on its own. Chronic lower back pain lasts over 12 weeks and usually requires treatment. If you have lower back pain, here are three things you need to know.

1. Know the Causes

Some of the most common causes of lower back pain include poor posture and using improper lifting techniques. Lower back pain can also be a result of getting into a car accident or suffering a work-related injury.

There are also certain medical conditions that cause lower back pain. Some of these conditions include:

  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Sacroiliac joint dysfunction
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Compression fractures

Straining the muscles in the lower back, and experiencing sudden movements, such as slipping or falling, can also cause pain in the lower back.

2. Know the Symptoms

Lower back pain is the result of too much stress on the vertebral column. Besides pain, there are sometimes other symptoms that occur with this condition. Some people with lower back pain also having tingling or numbness that travels to the lower extremities. Lower back pain can either worsen after being in the same position for too long or it can get better after changing into a different position. Some people might also have muscle spasms or decreased mobility, in conjunction with their back pain.

3. Know Your Treatment Options

If you are like most Americans who suffer with lower back pain, you might think your only options are pain medications or surgery. However, if you are looking for a noninvasive, more natural type of treatment for your back pain, seeing a chiropractor is very effective. Along with spinal manipulations, chiropractors often use other techniques to address pain in the lower back. Oftentimes, the chiropractic technique they use depends upon the cause of the back pain. For instance, if the lower back pain is the result of a spinal condition, a chiropractor might use spinal decompression. Many chiropractors use a combination of chiropractic care and other natural modalities, including massage therapy and physical therapy to treat back pain. They might also offer lifestyle and nutritional advice and recommend certain corrective exercises.


11 July 2019

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