3 Rare Conditions Causing Excruciating Back Pain And How A Chiropractor Can Help Resolve Them


Back pain can make your life completely unbearable. When it persists for more than a few hours, your first response may be to get pain medication. While the medication will be useful in managing the condition for the short term, if you have a more profound underlying condition, the pain will only worsen. Sadly, when the pain worsens, many people increase the dosage of the pain killers and end up with either drug resistance or, in extreme cases, an addiction to pain medication. It is advisable to get a proper diagnosis from a physician before getting any form of medication for chronic back pain

At the same time, some rare medical conditions can cause endless back pain. In such cases, you might need a holistic approach to resolve the problem because conventional medicine will not help much. Here are three rare conditions that cause back pain that a chiropractor can help you resolve.

When You Have Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis muscle is located deep in the buttock. When you have the syndrome, this muscle becomes inflamed and starts aching. The inflammation can also compress and irritate the sciatic nerve. This leads to sciatic nerve pain. Other symptoms of the syndrome include chronic pain in the buttocks and also the hip area. Back pain is the main symptom, especially when you sit for too long.

A competent chiropractor can isolate the muscle whose irritation is giving you so much pain. They will then use massage techniques to soothe the inflamed muscles, and within no time, the inflammation and pain go away.

When You Have Coccydynia

Theorists claim that humans had a tailbone that fell off during the evolution process. What remained is known as the coccyx. This is the part that gives you support when you are seated. If you have a problem with the bone, you will experience pain when you sit, lean back, and especially when you sit on hard surfaces. The chiropractor can help you realign what could be misaligned in your spine, eliminating coccydynia pain.

When You Have Spina Osteoporosis

Like all the other bones, your spinal bones lose their mass and density with age. When they do, it becomes easier to get fractures that can cause back pain. A chiropractor will help soothe the pain and realign the spine to eliminate the cause of the pain.

The most important thing is finding a competent chiropractor to assist with the healing process. They will eliminate the cause of the back pain, and help you heal within a short time. For more information about back pain, contact a chiropractor.


10 November 2020

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