Chiropractic Treatment: Why Many People Consider Chiropractic Care


If you've ever driven past a chiropractor's office and wondered what they might be able to do to help you, you're in the right place. Many people who are unfamiliar with chiropractic care don't really understand what these medical professionals do or how they can help. Understanding some of the most common reasons why people seek chiropractic care can help you decide if this kind of treatment is right for you.

15 August 2022

Scoliosis And Chiropractic Treatment: What You Need To Know


Scoliosis is a condition in both children and adults in which the curvature of the spine is abnormal. For many scoliosis patients, discomfort can arise and continue if the condition is left untreated. Most doctors recommend surgical treatment if the scoliosis is severe. However, surgical treatment is not the only option. you may want to consider chiropractic care for your scoliosis. Here is what you need to know: What Is Scoliosis?

17 May 2022

So, Your Chiropractor Is Recommending Dry Needling


When you go to see a chiropractor, they typically manipulate your spine. Sometimes, they may guide you through some stretches or administer another beneficial therapy, such as TENS. And then, there are the occasions when a chiropractor recommends a different type of care, such as dry needling. Here are some questions you're likely to have if your chiropractor has recently recommended this treatment for you.  What is dry needling? Dry needling is a treatment that involves inserting small needles into the skin along specific parts of the body.

20 January 2022