3 Ways to Reduce Back Pain Without Medication


Back pain is an ongoing struggle for many people. In some cases, medication may not be effective or you want to avoid medication altogether. Fortunately, there are several non-medication ways to reduce back pain or possibly eliminate the underlying problem. Visit a Chiropractor A chiropractor can be invaluable to help you address ongoing back pain. Most importantly, your chiropractor will want to run tests to determine the underlying cause for your pain.

15 January 2019

Just Got Into An Auto Accident? How To Get Rid Of That Stiff Neck


If you were recently injured in a car accident where you got a lot of whiplash, you may be wondering how on earth you're ever going to get rid of that stiff neck. A stiff neck can make things like driving, sleeping, or even trying to have a conversation with someone be really painful and uncomfortable. To help you get rid of your stiff neck, this article will list a few different car accident injury treatments that you can do to find relief.

9 October 2018

A Guide To Gentle Chiropractic Adjustments


Gentle chiropractic adjustments are mostly used in cases where a patient has a challenge in relaxing or doesn't like the cracking/cavitation sound or feeling during therapies. Chiropractic adjustments are more preferred than other traditional methods since they are gentler, and they don't cause any discomfort to the patient. A chiropractor uses methods like the low-velocity technique, which is good for improving joint motion. The following are some of the gentle chiropractic adjustments

3 July 2018

How Chiropractic Care Can Relieve Your Menstrual Cramps


During your monthly cycle, your body releases prostaglandins—hormones that cause the uterine lining to shed. However, some women tend to release too much prostaglandin, which can cause cramps and soreness in lower back muscles. While birth control and/or over-the-counter pain medications work for some women, they aren't for everyone. You may be surprised to learn that chiropractic care could help you find relief for this kind of low back pain.

4 May 2018

Muscles That Can Be Massaged To Reduce Lower Back Pain


If you have lower back pain, then there is a good chance that your muscles and your spine are contributing to your discomfort. A chiropractic professional can realign the spine to reduce muscle stress, but most individuals also need some help with stretching and relaxation of the back muscles. This is where massage therapy comes in. When meeting with a massage therapist, there are a few areas that should be massaged.

27 February 2018

Options For Treating Your Neck Pain


If you have some terrible neck pain that is preventing you from sleeping well or taking care of work or chores throughout the day without it being unbearable, you will want to keep reading. By making use of one or more of the following options for neck pain treatment, you should be on the path to feeling much better in no time at all. Get A Neck Massage This could be something that you have a friend or spouse do for you, as long as they are gentle so you do not become even more injured.

26 February 2018

Benefits Of Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a wonderful time in most women's lives, but it can also cause a great deal of physical and emotional stress. From the change in the body that includes weight gain and the stretching of internal organs to the various emotions that women feel due to hormonal fluctuations, it is easy to see how pregnancy can cause distress. Thankfully, chiropractic care can help alleviate the physical and emotional distress that occurs while you are pregnant.

31 January 2018